by Executive Chef Donggul Lee 2019

* for any dietary restrictions, please inform your server.
Modifications can be made with select items.


Tuesday to Saturday Raw Bites!

(until 12am)

Hwe (Sashimi) Platter 회 $38
yellow tail, salmon, fluke, oyster, wasabi, soy sauce,
vinegar gochujang, ssam-jang, lettuce wrap

Oysters 굴
Half Dozen $18 / Dozen $25

East Coast

Blue Point
mild, pleasingly salty & meaty -long island &
copps island, CT

Walrus & Carpenter
briny & buttery - charlestown & jamestown, RI

West Coast

crisp & sea salt flavor - harstine island, puget sound

Fresh Anju

"reset your mind and just take a raw bite"

Burrata Heirloom Tomato Salad 부라타 토마토 샐러드
burrata, heirloom tomato, cherry tomato,
kumato, yuzu extract, basil oil, chia seed

Citrus Salad 한라봉 샐러드
navel orange, blood orange, han-la, cara cara,
grapefruit, arugula, baby candy cane beet, goat cheese,
yuzu- hazelnut dressing, candied walnut

Sashimi & Daikon Salad 회
fluke, daikon radish, jalapeño, belle radish
micro cilantro, bonito-soy vinaigrette

Beef Tartare 육회
hand-cut prime beef, Korean pear, quail egg,
gochujang rémoulade, pine nut

Cured Shrimp (3pcs) 새우장
4 days soy-cured botan ebi, tobiko,
maine uni, quinoa & rice

핑거 안주

“fingers were made before forks and hands before knives”

Jerky & Mixed Nut 육포와 견과
house-made korean beef jerky, peanut, almond, cashew, brazil nut,
filbert, pecan dried jujube

Charcuterie & Fromage Board 샤르퀴트리 & 치즈 보드
jamón serra, salchichon iberico, chorizo iberico, manchego & yuzu spread,
comté & walnuts, bleu des causses & grapes, crackers, sourdough, seasonal fruit

Daenjang-Foie Gras Mousse & Toast 된장 푸아그라 무스
daenjang cured hudson valley foie gras, pomegranate reduction

Osamil Burger 오삼일 버거
10oz short rib, caramelized onion, kimchi purée, bacon,
cheddar, served with smoked pimento french fries

Honey Butter Chips 오삼일 감자 칩
scottish salmon jerky, honey butter gastrique

Sweet Potato Fries 고구마 튀김 
hand-cut Korean sweet potatoes, jalapeño ash mayo dip

French Fries 감자 튀김 
smoked pimento salt, jalapeño ash mayo dip


Skewers aka Kochi

"when you can’t grill it outside, why not have it grilled and served for you?"

Charred Avocado with Crab Meat 아보카도와 게살

Short Rib - Boneless “Galbi” 갈비살 구이 

Nueske Bacon & Scallion 베이컨 

Spicy Chicken 닭 갈비 

Prawn - Head-on Shrimp 대하 

Sunchoke 돼지 감자 

Shishito Pepper 꽈리 고추 

Royal Trumpet 새송이 버섯 

Grilled Spicy Pork 고추장 돼지구이 


From the Grill

"enjoy savory grilled flavor"

Nearly Famous Lamb Galbi 양 갈비 
galbi marinated colorado springs lamb chops, nueske bacon with barley & millet,
yuzu-kosho, hemp seeds, pine nut, burnt sunchoke, mustard greens

Grilled Bulgogi 바싹 불고기 
marinated prime fatty beef, ssamjang glaze, cremini, scallion salad

Whole Squid 오징어 구이
simply grilled with sweetened gochujang bbq glazed, charred scallion

Pork Galbi [5pcs] 돼지 갈비
(choice of soy or spicy glaze)
marinated pork ribs, horseradish zests, pistachio, scallion salad,
watermelon radish

Grilled Mackerel 고등어 구이
onion purée, horseradish, lemon, mustard greens


작은 안주

"Korean street fare, classic dishes, pair it with your favorite drink"

Duck Confit & Salad 오리 콩피와 샐러드  
hudson valley duckling leg confit with korean spices, korean pear, 
baby gem lettuce, mixed greens, arugula, pomegranate reduction & seeds,
candied walnut, gorgonzola cheese with pear dressing 

Baby Octopus 쭈꾸미 볶음
baby octopus, bird’s eye chili, onion, radish, cilantro on a potato nest

Kobe Beef Salad 차돌구이
daily butchered kobe brisket, garlic purée, scallion, perilla, pickle,
chive, cabbage salad

Wings [6pcs] 닭 날개 튀김
[salt & pepper, spicy, soy & garlic, classic]
famous double fried chicken wings, choice of your favorite flavor

Blood Sausage 순대
house-made blood sausage, pork, cured baby shrimp, jalapeños,
garlic chive kimchi

Jeon - Korean Classic Pancake 전
choice of your favorite ingredients
Dozen Fresh Oysters & Chives  I  Potato & Zucchini  I  Kimchi & Pork, Mung Bean


Anju –… to share
큰 안주

"korean street fare, classic dishes, pair it with your favorite drink"

Korean Market Fried Chicken 시장 통닭
mountaire farm’s blue label whole chicken, scallion, pickled radishes & jalapeños,
grilled corn & egg cole slaw, soy garlic sauce, signature sauce

Pork Belly 부드러운 삼겹살 구이
confited nagano pork belly, burnt sunchoke black pepper purée,
fig, chicharrón, pickled shallots

Pork Shank 통 족발
juicy pork shank, perilla-apple salad, spicy radish kimchi, ssam-jang,
house-made pickle, lettuce wrap

Kimchi Fried Rice & Steak 김치볶음밥 토시살 구이
house-made kimchi, Nueske bacon, egg and prime hanger steak

Uni Bibimbap 성게알 비빔밥
maine uni, quinoa, wasabi tobiko, rice, kimchi, soy pickled radish & dressing,
perilla, shallot, seaweed purée, baby greens

Braised Short Ribs 갈비 찜
6 hour braised beef short ribs, kabocha, bone marrow, charred onion,
carrot & grape, cauliflower bread crumbs

Spicy Rice Cake 해물 떡볶이 [Spicy or Very Spicy]
shrimp, squid, p.e.i mussels, clams, bay scallops, seafood cake, rice cake,
perilla, scallion, gochujang, bonito flakes


"large soup, childhood favorites"

Mussel & French Fries 홍합탕과 감자 튀김
p.e.i mussels, fish stock, nueske bacon, enoki mushroom, garlic, red chili,
shallot, roasted piquillo, french fries, aioli dip

Millefeuille Nabe 밀페유 나베
bonito stock, leafy greens, royal trumpet, enoki, zucchini, kobe brisket,
bean sprouts, garlic chive

Osamil Bouillabaisse 해물탕
kimchi-lobster stock, lobster tail, bay scallops, squid, monkfish,
cockles, p.e.i mussels, shrimp, sourdough

Johnson Tang 부대찌개
famous Korean classic soul stew, flavored with sausage, spam,
kimchi, peanut paste & ramen

Seafood & Rice Crisp Tang 해물 누룽지탕
white fish stock, sake, bay scallops, squid, shrimp, blue crab, cockles,
little neck, cherrystone, p.e.i mussels, styela clava, baby bok choy, rice crisp