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Beef Tartar Bibimbap  육회빕빔밥

Beef Tartar Bibimbap 육회빕빔밥



Persimmon Salad
감 샐러드

fuyu persimmon, fried garlic, frisee, Lani’s Farm petite greens, pomegranate vinaigrette

Fishermen’s Salad - Poke & Grains Salad
어부 샐러드

(selection of seasonal market fish)
choice of favorite fish, barley, quinoa, Lani’s Farm petite greens, yuzu-mango puree, gochujang remoulade

Brisket Salad
차돌박이 샐러드 

beef brisket deckle butchered daily in-house, topped with classic scallion salad, perilla, garlic confit


From the Butchers

Osamil Galbi Burger
오삼일 갈비 버거 

galbi marinated chefs cut & blend prime beef, nueske bacon, cheese sweet soy-garlic mayonnaise, onion, lettuce, scallion on griddled brioche bun served with sweet potato fries

PBLT (Pork Belly Lettuce Tomato) 
지푸라기 삼겹살 샌드위치 

seared hay-smoked Creek Stone Farm pork belly, grilled romaine heart, jersey tomatoes, scallion salad, jalapeno remoulade served with sweet potato fries

Osamil Tacos
오삼일 타코 

( bulgogi / spicy pork / mushroom )
choice of your favorite ingredient, avocado, tomato salsa, butternut squash puree, homemade tortillas with sweet potato fries

Osamil Wings
오삼일 닭 날개 튀김

(Salt & Pepper / Spicy / Soy / Classic)
chef’s nearly famous twice fried chicken wings


Korean Classic Ramen

Yukgaejang Ramen – Spicy Pulled Brisket Ramen
육개장 라면 

korean traditional spicy beef brisket soup married with ramen noodle top of poached egg 

Jajang Ramen – famous Korean classic black bean sauce ramen
짜장 라면 

homemade black bean sauce, pork belly, capelin roe, basil-chili oil, zucchini, grilled sweet corn


Famed Farmers Meal

SSAM Bap Platter
쌈밥 정식
(Hay Smoked Pork Belly / Bulgogi / Spicy Pork / Chicken / Tofu & Mushroom )
& ( White rice / Multi-grains)
your choice of protein and rice. classic lettuce wrap platter w/ daily prepared banchan, soy bean paste stew, locally grown leaf greens bouquet 



Beef Tartar Bibimbap
육회 비빔밥 

chef’s cut prime beef, Korean pear, quail egg, gochujang remoulade, quinoa, rice, Lani’s Farm greens

Uni Bibimbap – Sea Urchin Bibimbap
성게알 비빔밥 

quinoa, rice, kimchi, soy sauce pickle, Lani’s Farm greens, perilla, dried seaweed puree, capelin roe, Maine Uni 

Kimchi Fried Rice w/ Steak
김치볶음밥과 토시살 구이 

caramelized homemade kimchi, Creek Stone Farm pork, lightly sautéed egg, served with prime hanger steak

Hot Sizzling Stone Bowl Bibimbap
돌솥 비빔밥 

(Bulgogi / Spicy Pork / Chicken / Tofu & Mushroom)
& (White Rice / Multi-grains)
your choice of protein and rice, poached egg, zucchini, bean sprouts, carrot, shiitake, wild spinach, radish, burdock root, sweeten gochujang

Spicy Pork Over Rice w/ Grilled Bonnet Bellflower Roots
더덕구이와 제육 덮밥 

classic spicy marinated pork boston butt, grilled bonnet bellflower roots with green perilla salad


Small to share a.k.a side

Roasted Sunchoke
돼지 감자 튀김 

jalapeno ash mayo dipping sauce

Korean Sweet Potato Fries
고구마 튀김 

jalapeno ash mayo dipping sauce

Seasoned Rice Balls  주먹밥

Pickled Onions, Soy & Vinegar

Seasonal Kimchi

Bowl of rice