Raw shellfishes served w/ complimentary dipping sauces
Gochujang cocktail sauce, wasabi soy sauce, horseradish


Seasonal Chef’s Selection | Half Dozen on a Half Shell


East Coast Oysters

Blue Point
mild, pleasingly salty & meaty -
Long Island & Copps Island, Conn

Walrus & Carpenter
briny & buttery - Charlestown &
Jamestown, Rhode Island

West Coast Oysters


creamy & Sweet - Oregon

crisp & sea salt flavor - Harstine Island,
Puget Sound


Clams & Shrimp

Seasonal Chef’s Selection | Half Dozen on a Half Shell
Little Neck Clams
Cherry Stones
Shrimp Cocktails 7pcs

Seasonal fin fish Hwe (sashimi)

Sea Bream

Fruits De Mer

Coming Soon

* Osamil menu available upon request

by Executive Chef Donggul Lee - Winter 2019 


Cheese served with crackers & condiments

semi - hard cheese cow’s milk 6 months aged from France:
sweet, slightly salt & grainy with dried dates & walnut

hard sheep’s milk 1 year aged cheese from Spain;
a sharper flavor with yuzu spread

Bonde du Poitou
soft pasteurized goat’s milk from western France:
creamy, slightly grassy, acidity: with baked cinnamon apple

Le Pommier Camembert
soft cow milk from France: moist, Creamy,
herbaceous, mushroom notes. With fig spread, dill

Blue des Causes
soft French blue cheese cow’s milk 6 months aged with grape

Fromage Board
Manchego, Bonde du Poitou, Le Pommier Camembert
with our condiments and crackers, sourdough, seasonal fruit
Add sourdough $1 (with tomato chutney $3) crackers $1


Jamon Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra
1oz hand-carved bone in dry-cured acorn-fed
100% Iberico pork ham, aged 48 months

Jamon Serrano
dry cured mountain ham from Landrace white pig, aged 15 months

Duck Prosciutto
smoked, dried and cured duck breast with peppercorn, garlic

Salchichon Iberico
dry-cured acorn-fed Ibérico salami, with spices

Chorizo Iberico
dry cured sausage from acorn fed lberico with pimentón

Charcuterie Platter
Salchichon, Chorizo, Jamon Serrano